FRANKLIN, TN (WSMV) - The FirstBank Amphitheater in Franklin is now apologizing after people had to wait hours to park before going into the concert Tuesday. Many people say they paid hundreds of dollars to only see part of the concert. The amphitheater owner now says he plans to fix this.

The 7,500-person amphitheater had its first show Tuesday night.

“The venue looked beautiful, it was beautiful,” says Matt Boyle who attended.

Boyle says he bought two tickets for $600 to see six country music stars perform for a charity event. A show Boyle says he and his wife saw for an hour.

“All in all, it took us two hours and 15 minutes to go those four miles from the highway to the venue,” Boyle explains.

He says he and his wife were coming from Brentwood but spend most of the concert on a two-lane road, leading to the venue, in standstill traffic. Cars were backed up on 840 unable to get into the parking lot.

“A bunch of people started getting out of their cars parking it in the dirt on the side of the road and just walking to the venue because it was literally faster than, you know, staying in the car,” mentions Boyle.

FirstBank Amphitheater owner, Rick Mceachern, says they’re embarrassed by Tuesday’s traffic snafu and tends to fix this. He says the venue has done traffic studies and talked with different experts in Williamson County to prevent this.

“Everyone in the county and city, we are working on a plan to make sure that we can improve and the traffic flow in and out better,” Mceachern emphasizes.

Mceachern says they are looking at possible refunds, but the concert was for charity. But Boyle says he’s not sure he’ll be back.

“It was unbelievable how poorly thought out this entire experience was,” Boyle says.

There is another concert scheduled for Thursday night. The owner says there will be a temporary parking solution.

The amphitheater says if you’re heading to tomorrow’s concert, plan to arrive early to avoid rush hour traffic and Williamson County fair traffic. They also advise people to not abandon their car and walk-in.

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