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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) -- After missing their flight out of Nashville International Airport, Vicky Chasse thought her 86-year-old mother's dream to see Latin pop singer Chayanne in Las Vegas was lost forever.

"He is one of her favorite singers. Everything was planned out perfectly, and we even arrived [at] our gate two hours before our plane was scheduled to take off," Vicky told News4. "However, [we] got super hungry and decided to get something to eat. Then I realized that I had gotten distracted, and we ended up missing our flight."

Vicky found another flight to Las Vegas leaving that day from BNA, but the last-minute prices meant the two, one-way tickets would cost them more than $1,000.

She said all she could do was cry because she felt like she had let her mother down.

Luckily, Vicky and her mom met a kindhearted Southwest Airlines employee named Christy who made sure that didn't happen.

After hearing their story at the ticket counter, Christy told them everything was taken care of and to enjoy the concert. Vicky was confused and stunned.

It turns out, Christy gave them two of her employee "buddy passes" so they were able to fly to Vegas for free and see the concert. 

"How could a complete stranger share two of her personal buddy passes to Las Vegas for free? Do such a generous people really exist?" Vicky said. "I started crying and she hugged me. I didn’t know how to thank her generosity. She was the angel who made it possible for my mom to see Chayanne in concert."

Vicky and her mother didn't miss Chayanne's concert -- and from the photos, it looks like they had a great time.

Now, they want to thank Christy for the generous gift she gave them. Not to mention, let Southwest know how lucky they are to have an employee like her.

"We want to thank Christy, a Southwest employee at the Nashville International Airport, for her generosity. Thank you for your kindness, for your love, and for helping me to fulfill my 86-year-old mother’s dream," Vicky said. "Southwest Airlines, you have a wonderful employee. She genuinely cares about people and her customer service skills were impeccable."

Vicky also wants to share the heartwarming story to encourage others.

"People need to to know there are wonderful, caring people in the world," she said.

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