Family offers $100K reward for information into triple murder

Calvin and Pam Phillips were murdered in November 2015. (WSMV)

The family of a couple killed in a triple homicide in Pembroke, KY, is offering a six-figure reward for any information that leads to an arrest and conviction in the case.

Calvin and Pam Phillips, along with their friend and neighbor Ed Dansereau, were murdered on Nov. 19, 2015.

Last year, the Channel 4 I-Team ran a series of stories on the murders, revealing the connection between the victims and the court martial of their next door neighbor.

While no one has been arrested in the case, the Phillips family is breaking their silence and offering the $100,000 reward in the hopes of increasing tips to lead to a criminal conviction.

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The details of the crime still haunt the Phillips family.

Calvin Phillips was found shot to death in the family’s home. Not far away, Pam and Dansereau’s bodies were found in a field in the charred remains of her car.

The Phillips family shared the last known photograph of Pam, taken by a co-worker of her smiling and sitting in that car 12 hours before the bodies were discovered.

"The picture is 100 percent Pam, captures the essence of Pam. Yet on the other hand, that picture is haunting. You realize that within a short amount of time, she would be gone," said Diana Phillips, Calvin’s sister.

Matt Phillips, Calvin and Pam’s son, said before the murders, his mother told him that she had seen their across the street neighbor, Kit Martin, walking in the fields by their home.

"My parents felt like they were being surveilled, watched," Matt Phillips said.

An I-Team investigation exposed the link between the Phillips and Army Major Kit Martin.

While Martin was divorcing his wife, Joan Harmon, Cal and Pam Phillips offered their rental property to her and her children.

In the moving process, Cal Phillips came upon military discs labeled “secret,” and he and Harmon turned them in to the FBI.

The discovery of the classified materials lead to a court martial for Martin.

Two weeks before the court martial was to begin, Cal and Pam Phillips and Dansereau were murdered.

While Martin has never been charged, his ex-wife said in an interview with the I-Team in 2016 that she suspected he did it.

Martin denied that claim in an interview with the I-Team in 2016.

"Do you worry you'll be prosecuted in the murder case?” asked chief investigative reporter Jeremy Finley.

“No, I have no worries about that,” Martin said.

The I-Team asked the Phillips family is they suspect Martin in the murders.

"We're concerned, and I think it makes a lot of sense to be concerned,” Matt Phillips said.

The I-Team also confirmed that Calvin Phillips found more than just the discs. He also turned in a photograph to federal investigators of Harmon’s son that shows him with red whelps on his back.

Harmon’s children would later testify in the court martial that Martin abused them.

"Are you concerned that what your father discovered ultimately led to his death?" Finley asked.

"How could I not be? I think you have to look at this and ask, is there a connection?" Matt Phillips said.

Ultimately, a member of the Phillips family would testify at the court martial.

After the murders, Diana Phillips went to her brother’s rental property where Harmon and her children briefly lived, and found another disc with Martin’s name and labeled “secret.”

Diana Phillips turned that disc into investigators as well and was called to testify.

Diana Phillips remembers what she thought as she was sworn in to testify.

"My brother should be here. Calvin should be here,” she said. "My brother found something important.”

At the court martial, Martin was found guilty of mishandling classified materials and simple assault of a minor.

The convictions were directly linked to what Calvin Phillips had provided.

Martin served his six month sentence in a military prison and is now living out of state, according to his attorney.

The Phillips family remains in limbo.

"I just hope I live to see a time when justice is served," said John Phillips, Calvin’s father.

"They deserve justice. Our family deserves justice," Diana Phillips said.

The I-Team continues its investigation Friday on Channel 4 News at 6:00.

We ask the family about what we uncovered of recorded interviews with Calvin Phillips by Martin’s private investigators.

Investigators repeatedly question Phillips if he and Harmon were having an affair and that was the motive to ruin Martin.

The Phillips family responds to what was said in that audio recordings Friday on Channel 4 News at 6:00.

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