There are four things to know about our upcoming weather.  They are...

1) The longest stretch of warm days this season is about to begin.

Today has been beautiful with highs in the 60s.  As of 3pm, the weather was pleasant and bright.

3pm Temperatures

Beginning tomorrow and continuing for several days to come, temperatures will begin a significant climb.  A core of high pressure will shift toward our east, funneling warmer air from the Deep South up into Middle Tennessee.

2) Rain is less than 48 hours away.

Our next weather maker is still more than a thousand miles away, over the Desert Southwest.  It's making steady progress eastward, however.  With that, we expect rain showers to arrive from the west on Thursday.


3) We have a May-like weekend in store with highs near 80 and spotty storms.

Make those outdoor weekend plans now.  Highs both days will be around 80.  Saturday looks to be the better of the two weekend days.


4) Gardners:  More frost could develop again next week.

The extended forecast is one we're going to have to watch carefully.  Notice the temperature outlook for the mid-late part of next week shows a likelihood that colder air will pour out of Canada and stall just north of us over the Ohio River Valley.


However, we're talking more than a week out here.  If that cold intrusion decides to push a little farther south, we'll be looking at another round of frost for at least part of the Mid State.  SO, if you're going to plant in the next several days, just know we might not be completely done with cold nights for the season.  You'll have to stay tuned.

Speaking of, be sure to watch Lisa Spencer today beginning at 4pm.  She'll dive deeper into all of the above, so you can plan around the weather.


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Meteorologist Dan Thomas joined the News4 team in August 2006.

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