Clear skies make for great conditions for viewing the International Space Station, and tonight, we'll get a six-minute window to see it pass over Middle Tennessee.

Here's how to see it

The Space Station will be in view starting at 7:44 p.m. in the southwestern sky. It will zip across the sky toward the northeast.

The ISS will appear as a tiny dot moving very quick across the sky. Remember - if it blinks, it's an airplane. The ISS will not blink.

We'll have an incredible six-minute window to see the Space Station.

Great stargazing requires you to escape bright city lights, but that is not the case for the ISS.

It is bright enough to spot during the evening sky, even if you're close to downtown Nashville.

Things to share with your kids while you watch

The International Space Station orbits the Earth about 250 miles from the surface and travels at roughly 17,500 mph.

230 members from 18 different countries have visited the ISS.

Astronauts onboard the ISS conduct science experiments, clean and perform space walks outside on a regular basis.

Six members make up the crew onboard the ISS, and they orbit the Earth about 16 times a day. They also experience 16 sunrises and sunsets in one day.

Eight miles of wire connects the electrical power system aboard the ISS. 

The ISS travels travels an equivalent distance to the moon and back in about a day.

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Meteorologist Cody Murphy joined the News4 team in March 2018.

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