We've all heard the song and every year millions of people dream for the same thing on Christmas Morning.....snow. 

So, what are the odds Middle Tennessee sees snow this year?
First, let's break down some of the history of snow on Christmas day in the Mid State. 
Since 1884/85, when the Army Signal Corps began taking snow measurements, Middle Tennessee has seen several days with snow on December 25th. 
In the 134 years of record keeping, Nashville has seen measurable snow ( 0.1 inch or more) on Christmas Day 15 times. This includes years with snow falling on Christmas Day and years with more than 0.1 inches of snow already on the ground waking up on Christmas morning. 
Statistically, there is a 19-percent chance of snow (trace or more) on any given Christmas Day in Nashville and an 8-percent chance of measurable snow ( 0.1 inch or more), according to the National Weather Service office in Nashville. 
In 1963, No snow fell on Christmas Day but Nashville woke up to 6 inches of snow on the ground Christmas morning. This snow was from the December 22/23 snow event. This was the most snow on the ground ever in Nashville on Christmas Day, according to retired NWS Meteorologist Bobby Boyd. 
The latest year with snow on Christmas Day was in 2010. 
In 2010, 0.8 inches of snow fell on December 24th and another 1.1 inches fell on Christmas Day. 
What about temperatures?
The warmest Christmas on record was in 2016 when Nashville hit a high of 76°. That's 29° above average for Christmas Day. 
The coldest Christmas on record was in 1983 when Nashville only got to 15° for an afternoon high. That's 32° degrees below average for Christmas Day.
Other noteworthy days
In 1964, a tornado cut a path of debris from the Whispering Hills section of Nashville to Una at 11:50pm Christmas evening. 
Forecast this year
Sadly, we're going to have to wait for 2019 for another shot at seeing a white Christmas. This year, there will be a few showers around Christmas afternoon but temperatures will be far too warm for any frozen precipitation. 

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Meteorologist Cody Murphy joined the News4 team in March 2018.

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