Terry Bulger

Feature Reporter


Terry Bulger has been bringing you stories of the people and places that make Tennessee unique and interesting on News4 since 1990. Contact Terry if you have an interesting community story for him to cover.

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18 year olds with diverse backgrounds took the stage and in a way stole the stage at a Graduation Ceremony today in Nashville.

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Who knows what flying in airplanes will be like in the future, but training for that time is happening in places you wouldn’t think possible.

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It’s a big week for the Russell family. It’s graduation day for four 18-year-olds, two boys and two girls, all of them weighing less than three pounds at birth.

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In a city where music, the Nashville Predators and Lower Broadway get a lot of attention, national newspaper USA Today said don’t forget about Cheekwood and its botanical gardens.

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