NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) - The Tennessee Department of Transportation wants drivers to know that they should not transition from one interstate to another using those white stripes separating the interstates.

The matter is not only dangerous, but illegal as well.

There are a number of splits or mergers that take drivers from one interstate to the other.

TDOT said those white stripes aren’t drivers’ personal lane to make a last-second maneuver to another at the interstate.

These area’s are called Gore’s area.

“It’s really an engineering term,” TDOT spokesperson B.J. Doughty explained. “It’s an area created when there is a separation.”

Many times you will see drivers using that tight space to make a dicey transition rather than miss the ramp to the other interstate.

Doughty said that’s not why those markers are there.

“It’s certainly not the place where people should be pulling over, or, if they miss their ramp, we’ve seen people doing that, it’s not what those areas are intended for,” said Doughty. “No driver should have the thought that it’s a safe place to stop or pull over.”

People also use the Gore areas as a place to stop. That is just as dangerous.

“Anytime you’re looking at traffic moving at high speed and come across a car that is stopped, you’re looking at the potential of not only a crash, but a very serious crash,” said Doughty.

TDOT’s best advice is to plan ahead before you arrive at a split in the interstate. You should already be in place to safely make the transition.

“They are not paying attention. Maybe they are not from here,” said Doughty. “We are all taught when we were learning to drive, if you miss your exit, you go to the next one and turn around.”


Alan Frio is the anchor of News4's evening newscasts on Saturdays and Sundays.

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