Stout Bbq Sauce4 qts Ketchup2qts. Stout beer1 cp Amino acid1 cp Dijon mustard1cp Worcestershire4 qts Dates medjool, pitted2 cp Red wine vinegar1 Tbsp Ground ginger2 tsp Allspice1 Tbsp Kosher saltSeveral hours before starting, soak the dates in hot water and thoroughly check for stray pits.Blend all ingredients except ketchup and beer, and then whisk in ketchup.Reduce bbq sauce with the stout over medium heat to desired consistency: 10 minutes for thinsauce, 20 - 25 minutes for a thicker texture.To use as marinade: reduce ketchup to 2 quarts and increase red wine vinegar to 1 quart.Different spices such as whole pepper, clove, anise, and mustard seeds would also taste great.Have fun!

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