Santa's Christmas Crunch Popcorn

10 cups of PopcornSalt4 cups Mini Marshmallows1 cup of White Chocolate chips1 cup of Mini M & M's (I used red and green)1 cup of Pretzel M & M's ( I used red and green)1 cup of regular size M & M's (I used red and green)3 tablespoons of ButterRed SugarGreen Sugar

---------------------------Directions:Take a cookie sheet and cover with parchment paper.Salt popcorn then spread popcorn all over pan.Melt butter in sauce pan then add *3 cups of marshmallows, stir until thoroughly melted.Pour marshmallow mixture over the popcorn.Quickly sprinkle candy and remaining 1 cup of marshmallows on areas that are drizzled with melted marshmallow/butter mixture.(May need to press some of the candies into the warm, sticky popcorn.)Sprinkle with red and green sugar and let cool.Break apart into pieces and enjoy!((**If you want more candy to stick-- I often melt extra white choc. chips in bowl, then pour this over popcorn and add additional candy))

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