Pinewood Social's Roasted Baby Eggplant from Chef Andrew RodriguezYield: 2 Servings

2 lbs Roasted Baby Eggplant3 Pickled Shishito Peppers┬╝ cup Miso Yogurt*Top with heirloom cherry tomatoes, tossed in olive oil and saltGarnish with mint

1. Spread miso yogurt on plate2. Place the roasted eggplant on top of miso yogurt3. Top roasted eggplant with cherry tomatoes, shishito peppers, and mint

*Miso Yogurt4 tbs yogurt2 tbs miso (white or yellow)4 tbs rice wine vinegar2 tbs sesame oil1 tsp smoked serano (paprika, cayenne)pinch salt

1. Mix all ingredients together until thoroughly combined

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