Germantown Cafe's Butternut Squash Gratin

INGREDIENTS:Butternut squash , peeled and small diced Onions, yellowGruyere cheese SaltBlack Pepper SageNutmegITEMButternut Squash Gratin

AMOUNT:2.5 lbs.I C.1/4 lbI 1/2 tsp.3/4 tsp. I tsp. 1/4 tsp

Preparation:I. Layer Gratin in 1/3 pan halfway . Half the squash. Half the onion. Half the cheese. Half the seasonings. Repeat.2. Cover with tin foil and hold in refrigerator till read y to be cooked .3. When ready to cook add 1/4 cup heavy cream and recover. Cook for one hour or till done at 350.4. remove foil and let steam escape. It will be watery at first but will thicken after it cools slightlySalads

INGREDIENTS:Soy Sauce Dijon MustardLight Brown Sugar Garlic cloves Canola OilITEMGarlic Soy Marinade (Portabella Skewers)

AMOUNT:3/4 c.1/3 c.J /4 lb2 oz.I C.

Preparation:I. Combine all ingredients in mixing bowl.2. Puree with stick blender till well incorporated.3. Dip skewers in marinade and grill 2 minutes per side.

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