Espresso Dusted Chocolate Truffles

2 C High quality (62% cacao or higher Callebaut/Ghirardelli) bittersweet dark chocolate chips.1 C Heavy whipping cream3 tbsp Cocoa powder1 tsp Finely ground espresso

(Can be flavored with a tbsp of Amaretto or a tsp of Almond extract)

1) In a heavy saucepan heat cream to a simmer (If flavoring add liqueur or extract to cream before heating)2) Place chocolate in a separate bowl.3) Pour hot cream over chocolate and let stand for a few minutes.4) Stir till smooth.5) Transfer to shallow baking dish and let cool.6) Place in fridge for 2 hours.7) In another bowl place cocoa powder and espresso. Mix together8) Remove chocolate from fridge.9) Scoop out balls with a tea spoon or melon baller.10) Working quickly roll in hands and drop balls into bowl of cocoa and espresso.11) Shake bowl around to cover all sides of truffles.12) Can be stored in fridge for several weeks (but they won't ever last that long)13) You can also roll truffles in cinnamon, coconut flakes, your favorite nut, sprinkles or whatever you like!

Makes 30-40 Chocolate Truffles

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