21 g (2 ea.)  Prepared Oysters 

14 g  Seasoned Masa 

14 g (1 TBSP) 

Oyster Sauce 

1 (4”)  White Corn Tortilla 

Cilantro Garnish, no stems

Step 1:    Remove oysters from buttermilk and dredge in seasoned masa with a wire basket.  Shake off excess.

Step 2:    Fry oysters in a deep fryer set to 350°F until crisp and golden brown. 

Step 3:    Drain in fry basket then transfer to a “Save-A-Day” paper plate.  

Step 4:    Spoon oyster sauce onto a warm tortilla. Place oysters on top.  

Finish with cilantro. Serve on a tray with 1 lime wedge per 3 tacos.  

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