Kyle Cassidy - Titans fan

Kyle Cassidy


NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) - Three people killed on I-40 in Cheatham County on Jan. 9 were on the way to the Tennessee Titans’ playoff game against Baltimore the next day, a family member said in an interview with the Tennessee Titans’ Jim Wyatt.

Jim Cassidy, father of Kyle Cassidy, said his son was excited to be able to purchase tickets for the playoff game.

“Kyle paid $327 for his ticket,” Jim Cassidy told Wyatt on Tuesday. “He told me there were only 15,000 tickets sold to that game, and he go three of them for him and his two buddies. He was so excited.”

Kyle Cassidy, Casey Moore and Cody Bieber died in the accident on I-40 East at Exit 188 in Cheatham County.

Jim Cassidy said his 28-year-old son loved life and the Titans brought him joy. At his memorial on Saturday, Titans balloons helped decorate the table alongside the urn with his son’s ashes. Photos of Kyle Cassidy in Titans T-shirts and hats were featured throughout the slideshow, and the hard hat he used for work was decorated with a Titans sticker.

“He was a die-hard Titans fan,” Jim Cassidy told Wyatt. “If you bad-mouthed the Titans in his house, well, you were asked to leave. He played fantasy football, and he always had four or five Titans on his team. They guys used to laugh at him about that, but he loved the Titans.”

Moore, 28, of Arlington, TN, was driving a Cadillac Escalade east on I-40 when he passed a Volvo tractor trailer that was merging onto the exit ramp at Exit 188. Moore passed the tractor trailer on the shoulder and side swiped the front right side causing him to lose control and go off the roadway into the media striking a rock wall where the vehicle caught fire.

Read more about Jim Cassidy’s interview on the Titans’ website.


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