He's Nashville's most recognized television personality. Maybe it's because he wears earmuffs and a scarf year-round. Or maybe it's because he has webbed feet. Or maybe it's just because WSMV's Snowbird is a personable penguin who has become synonymous with winter school closing reports in the Mid-South.

News 4's Snowbird has been notifying Tennessee and Kentucky children about school closings for over 30 years. He began his television career at WSMV, then WSM-TV, in the form of an inanimate, colorful cut-out that squawked out the phrase, "No school...no school!" From such humble beginnings, the bird took flight. It was in the winter of 1983 that Snowbird took on life.

Guided by his buddy and mentor, Channel 4's Bill Hall, Snowbird has since established himself as an honest-to-goodness News 4 personality. He's witty and fun-loving, but cares about the safety of kids when snow hits the streets.But Snowbird is more than a winter weather presence. During his long career, Snowbird has appeared in a year-long "Word from Snowbird" public service series, starred in three Christmas specials, and hosted children's programs about sportsmanship and self-esteem.

These efforts have earned the Bird numerous awards, including regional Emmy awards. Not many penguins can boast of a past like that.

But News 4's Snowbird refuses to rest on his reputation. As long as there are children and snowfalls, the future is bright for this bird.

Snowbird stays busy throughout the year. He makes appearances at elementary schools, public libraries, county fairs, Christmas parades and other community events.

Fill out the form below if you would like Snowbird to appear at your school or event.

If you would like your school to be on the Snowbird school closing report, please contact Belinda Coffee at 615-353-2401. Please do not email Channel 4 or Snowbird if your school is closed.

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