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Poem: "Tennessee Storm"

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Editor's Note: The writer sent this to us Thursday afternoon unsolicited and with no communication or instruction.


Tennessee Storm

By Melodie F. Sanders


Woke up to a beautiful day.

The sun was bright and skies were blue.

Looking out my window pain,

It's hard to fathom what the night went through.

Turning on my television,

Channels two, and four, and five,

Local news and CNN,

And victims who survived.

Displaying all the images,

And the tragic pictures of destruction.

The loss of lives and shattered homes,

Bringing reality to eruption.

Tragedy that struck a town,

Not far from where I reside.

It's heartbreaking to hear these stories,

The fear, the hurt, and those who died.

The scenes depicted by the photographs,

And testimonies of those still here,

Describing how the warnings came,

About too late, the storm was there.

Middle of the night it came.

Folks were sleeping in their beds,

Homes exploded from the pressure,

And rooftops ripped right above their heads.

Windows bursting, floors so wet,

The rain came pouring in.

The massive strength of a tornado,

Left only remnants of what had been.

Neighbors began rushing out,

Many trapped, or crushed, or hurt,

And the community that came together,

Never thought, just went to work.

Darkness swept the area,

Destroying power in it's race,

But as morning Rose and daylight broke,

The aftermath, showed what had took place.

This natural disaster claiming children,

And adults along it's trail,

Sucking everything and everyone,

Into it's devastating hell.

Now hearing how a mass of people,

Offered time, donations, and prayer,

With equipment, water, food, supplies,

In effort of supporting victims with care.

The outpouring of love and work,

Shows why we're called the volunteers,

By a horrible, unforgettable event,

Will remind us forever, through the years.

As I look out upon this beautiful day,

And see the sunlight beaming down,

My heart will morn for those affected,

Just a few miles over in that town.

The hospitals and nurses there,

The law officials too,

The pastors, teacher's, family friends,

And the children who made it through.

My, how different that sun must look,

To see it through their eyes.

This beautiful day, that God has made,

As they thank him for sparing their life.

Material things, and many homes,

That were torn away so fast,

Might take a lifetime to rebuild,

But those memories will last.

Our prayers continue, for relief and comfort,

Across the volunteer state our news is on,

Putnam, Wilson, Davidson, Benton,

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