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Our free WSMV apps are Working 4 You with the latest news and weather on your phone or tablet!

Download the WSMV Weather App

WSMV has launched an improved weather app for iOS and Android users.

The new WSMV First Alert Weather app keeps you prepared before storms arrive. The app is backed by the Certified Most Accurate Weather Team and features the only live radar in Middle Tennessee. Our radar tracks the storms five minutes faster. Our weather app also has interactive radar, customized alerts, and hour-by-hour forecasts

To download the latest WSMV Weather App version:

Here’s how you use the free WSMV First Alert Weather App.

  1. Open the app
  2. Click the pancake bars in the top right
  3. Click the “settings”
  4. Move over the green bar for “WSMV Alerts”
  5. Press “Weather Notification Types” and select which alerts you want to receive. The options include severe, precipitation, lightning, flooding, wind, tropical, marine, etc.
  6. Go back and allow apple notifications message
  7. Turn on “Notification Sounds”

Users can also track the storms with our live radar. To access that radar, click here. Viewers can also watch all WSMV newscasts streaming live on the app. Check out the traffic conditions for your morning and evening commute. For road conditions, click here. Viewers can finally submit their pictures to WSMV. To send in your photos, click here.

Stream News4 WSMV Live on Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV

Find the free News4 WSMV app on Roku, Amazon Fire and Apple TV. You can stream live newscasts and replays, see the live 4WARN Weather Radar, and receive breaking news and updates.


Navigate to the search option on your Roku.

Search for WSMV using the search panel.

Select News 4 WSMV Nashville.

For more information check the Roku Channel Store.

Amazon Fire:

Navigate to the search option on your Amazon Fire stick.

Search WSMV using the search panel

Select News 4 WSMV Nashville.

For more information visit the Amazon Fire TV App store.

Apple TV:

Navigate to the search menu on Apple TV.

Search for WSMV.

Select News 4 WSMV Nashville under Apps.

Select “open” to download