Youth violence task force makes dozens of arrests

Metro Police's Juvenile Crime Tash Force has seized firearms and recovered stolen cars while arrested almost 100 people. (WSMV)

"We have an issue right now with these young teenagers committing very violent crime and this police department is not going to put up with it," said Metro police spokesperson Don Aaron on Feb. 15, the same day Chief Steve Anderson announced a task force designed to combat youth violence in Nashville.

A week later News4 told you about police arresting a 16-year-old accused of pistol-whipping a hair stylist as she took out the trash and a 12-year-old charged with carjacking a mom at gunpoint as she waited for her daughter to get out of ballet.

"There's no denying it's a problem, and it's scary because they seem to be so young," said one Nashville resident.

It's now been a month and a half and it appears police are sticking to their guns.

So far, the juvenile crime task force has seized 29 guns, recovered eight stolen or carjacked cars, arrested 60 adults and 37 teens, among them 19-year-old Rondell Tyson, who was charged not once, but twice in just a few weeks time for allegedly having drugs, a stolen gun and a stolen car.

They have also arrested three teens ages 17, 14, and 13.

Police said they were going around bumping into people's cars then robbing them at gunpoint.

In one case they shot a Nashville musician.

Investigators are still looking for two other teens who they think may be involved.

"My hope would be if anybody in the area saw anything that they would let the police know," said the victim's mother.

Police said you never know how many lives you may have saved when you take a gun out of the hands of a teenager carrying it on the street.

If you know of a child with a gun, police said, give them a call.

The task force is made up of 16 officers, four sergeants and one lieutenant.

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Carley Gordon joined the News4 team as a reporter in 2009. Carley currently covers the crime beat around Middle Tennessee.

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