The Tennessee Department of Treasury says there is 994 million dollars in missing money right now up for grabs. 

You could have hundreds, even thousands of dollars that belongs to you without you knowing

“I saw how people were commenting saying oh is it a scam, is it not a scam," said Pippa Holloway.

Holloway searched her name on the Department of Treasury's website and discovered she had hundreds of dollars waiting for her. 

"I was surprised that somehow there was that amount of money that I hadn’t known about,” said Holloway.  “To find out you have 50, 60, 100 dollars waiting for you, that’s big news to a lot of people.”

Shelli King with the Department of Treasury says the department returned 32.9 million dollars last fiscal year, a new record. The largest single amount ever returned to someone was 1.2 million dollars with the average Tennessean getting back 100 to 200 dollars. 

“After a certain number of years businesses who have those unclaimed checks turn them over to the state of Tennessee and the treasury unclaimed property division works to turn them over to the rightful owners," said King. 

King says the Department of Treasury will often send a letter informing you about unclaimed money. You can also check to search your name. 

“Check your name once a year. Check for common misspellings of you name because remember this is money that did not get to you the first time," said King. 

You'll typically be required to enter your driver's license number and social security number along with other personal information and may also be required to send a photo copy to verify it's you. 

You can click here to search your name to see if you have unclaimed money in Tennessee and here to do a nationwide search. 

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Kim St. Onge joined the News4 team as a reporter in January 2017.

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