20 years after closing, some Opryland rides live on

The Hangman now has a new life in California. (WSMV)

The Opryland USA theme park closed 20 years ago this Sunday.

For those who grew up in Nashville, it was as much a part of their DNA as anything else. But those new to town might never know it existed.

News 4 did a little digging and found out where Opryland’s rides ended up.

The Wabash Cannonball, a fan favorite, showed up in 1975 just three years after the theme park opened. The ride had two flips and hit 50 mph.

It was eventually sold to Old Indiana Fun-N-Water Park but never saw any passengers again and was eventually scrapped.

The Screamin’ Delta Demon was a one-of-a-kind bobsled-style ride. It served Middle Tennessee thrill seekers for 13 years.

The ride was also sold to Old Indiana Fun-N-Water Park, but it’s unclear what happened to it.

In the early 2000s, the Screamin’ Delta Demon could be seen in pieces in an Indiana field.

Chaos was a menacing indoor roller coaster, taking riders on a slow loop to the top of the building then sending them down to the bottom.

At the time, Chaos featured revolutionary technology that made riders appear like they were crashing through a clock.

The train for Chaos was auctioned off about 10 years ago. The track was scrapped.

Opening in 1972, the Timber Topper was the original roller coaster at Opryland USA. It would later be renamed the Rock N’ Roller Coaster.

It is now the Canyon Blaster and the Great Escape in Lake George, NY.

Arguably the most well-known roller coaster ever in Tennessee is Hangman. It briefly towered over Nashville at Opryland USA.

Although incredibly popular, the ride was only open for two years before the park closed for good.

Hangman is now Kong at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in California.

One of three water rides at Opryland USA also lives on in the West Coast. Old Mill Scream is now known as Lumberjack Falls at Wild Waves just outside Seattle.

Opryland USA closed on New Year’s Eve 1997 and was replaced by the Opry Mills mall.

Over the years, other theme parks have been rumored to come to Nashville, including a Dolly Parton-themed water and snow park and a Bible-based park. Neither of those ever happened.

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