20-year-olds walking from New Jersey to California


New Jersey to California is a six-hour plane ride but Trevor Heinrich wanted to walk it.

He's now nine months into that walk and still less than halfway there. But inspired by God, he's happy to be on this unique journey.

Channel 4 caught up with him along Highway 70 in White Bluff, TN.

"Some days, it's really cool, you see beautiful sights and all of that. And other days, it's not as fun. We've had a pretty cold winter and now summer is getting a little hot. But other than that, it's been really good," Heinrich said.

Heinrich is a self-proclaimed VW bus kind of dreamer. Near his New Jersey home nine months ago he said God asked him to challenge himself and walk west to the Pacific Ocean.

"We've just been trusting the Lord. People have been pulling over to give us money and stuff. That's how we made it nine months," he said.

His walking partner, Jonathan, is limping cross country with a prosthetic leg.

It's not easy, but along the route complete strangers have offered their homes, their food and their support.

"I thought everyone would hate us and think we were crazy. I mean, some people think we're crazy," Heinrich said. "But we've met a lot of really great people."

The trip is a sign of their Christian faith with a rebirth of faith in their country.

"I guess I had more of a cynical view before I started this trip, and it's changed a lot," Heinrich said.

Heinrich said when he told his parents about his plan to walk across the country they laughed and thought he was kidding. After he bought and loaded up the backpack, they realized he was serious.

Click here for more information on their journey.

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