October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In honor of that, we bring you the story of a local woman and the young nephew who knew he could help her in a powerful way. That kid's showing the world his heart.

Ten-year-old Breylen Wilson held tight, riding in a go-kart driven by his aunt Jessie Price.

"He and I have always just had a particular bond," smiled Jessie. "He calls me Aunt Pudding."

"She's always cheering me on," said Breylen. "We do have a lot of fun together."

"Team Pudding!" Breylen and Jessie shouted as they rounded a corner.

"I'm gonna be the best bowler in the world," said Breylen, picking up a bowling ball. He threw it down a lane, missing the pins at Thunder Alley Family Entertainment Center in Dickson. 

"At least I tried!" he shouted.

When you miss, you go again. That's one of the lessons he picked up from his aunt. 

"Yeah! No one underestimates me!" said Breylen, walking down the lane after bowling down some pins. 

Breylen knows it's been a hard year from his Aunt Pudding.

"I dropped between 20 and 30 pounds," said Jessie. "Because of that weight loss, I noticed a lump.  I wouldn't have noticed the tumor had I not lost so much weight."

"We're just trying to keep our spirits up," said Breylen.

Family and friends were bringing love and joy Sunday, bowling together to raise money for Jessie's breast cancer treatment. Breylen knew there must be something he could do for his Aunt Pudding. 

"It's important they know you still love them, no matter how hard their disease is or sickness," said Breylen. "I said, 'Aunt Pudding. I'm going to cut my hair off for you.'"

Breylen's hair is being sent to Compassionate Creations in California to be made into a wig for his Aunt Pudding. 

Taking a break from bowling, Breylen's hair was cut for the wig. 

"It's a gift for you," he said, handing a small box to his aunt.

"It's a bracelet that says, 'You are strong. You are brave. You got this,'" read Jessie, looking down at the little gift. "In my family, there is no option but to fight."

"You have a good heart, Breylen," said Jessie, turning her attention to her young nephew. "You know that, right? Not a lot of people would do that, what you're doing for me."

"The pride I have for him, and the love I have for that little kid is just out of this world to say the least," said Jessie. "He's a great kid. There should be more of him."

Breylen's decided to have his hair cut every two years for others who have lost their hair during cancer treatment.

Click to help Jessie in her cancer treatments. 

Click to help Breylen pay for the wig for his Aunt Pudding.

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Forrest Sanders is an award-winning reporter, videographer and editor at News4.

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