Two women were maced and robbed in the middle of downtown Nashville.

They walked News4 through one of the most terrifying nights of their lives.

A couple walked up to Lauren Wenberg and Taylor Kavanagh asking for a cigarette early Tuesday morning.

"She pulls out the mace. She sprays us. I start going for help. At that point, he had pushed her down hard, grabbed her bag, and ran," Kavanagh said.

This all happened on Third Avenue South by the Honky Tonks.

"I'm still trying to waive down help, checking on her, trying to pick her up but she's blinded and she got pushed down really hard," Kavanagh said.

Wenberg and Kavanagh had just left a bar on Broadway. They were meeting a friend at Kavanagh's home not even a quarter mile away when they were attacked.

"It's terrifying not knowing what could be happening around you after that because you're vulnerable to anything really," Wenberg said.

Kavanagh said the thieves got away with Wenberg's purse that had her ID, credit cards, and $800.

The security camera footage is what's helping them piece together what happened.

"It's just kind of scary just to think that can happen to anybody. I didn't think it would happen to me," Wenberg said.

The two servers said they felt comfortable walking at night after their shifts, but now that's changed.

That's why they're urging everyone especially those who work downtown at night to be aware of their surroundings.

"Just be super careful. I know we all carry cash on us. I know we walk downtown at late hours. Just always, always have a walk out with you," Wenberg said.

One of the big issues with the case is that police don't really know who they're looking for.

That's because the women had mace in their eyes.

Police now have to bank on another business capturing a better look at the thieves.

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