A Nashville woman, two of her neighbors, and a 13-year old girl were trapped in an apartment for more than two hours with Sershawn Dillon, the now-deceased suspect in Friday night's officer-involved shooting.

He held them at gunpoint, took their phones... and that's only the beginning.

"They came running and said, 'get in the house, they are about to start shooting,'" Crystol Sweatt told News4's Lindsey Nance. "By the time we turned around to go in the house, he came right here and took us in the house."

Once they were in the apartment, Sweatt said things only got worse.

"We were in the back, and he tried to rape all of us," Sweatt said. "He tried to rape the child first but we weren't going to let that happen. My one neighbor, he made her undress completely."

In the end, Crystol says Dillon didn't harm them and she could sense his fear.

"He was nervous, he was scared," Sweatt recalled. "He was whispering in my ear and when he was whispering he was shaking."

She tried everything she could think of so that Dillon would let them go.

"I offered him my car just so we could leave," she said.

Crystol said when Dillon opened the door to go get her car keys, police were waiting outside -- that's when Dillon shot Samuel Galluzzi, and other officers returned fire.

"I was scared," Sweatt said. "But the fact was, we had a child in the house, too, so I'm trying to protect everybody in the house."

Sweatt told News4 the experience was terrifying but she's just glad her neighbors and family are okay.

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