For miles, a woman followed a truck she said was swerving between lanes, driving dangerously. She stayed on with 911 until that truck crashed into another car.

"This was probably one of the scariest things, just watching it and knowing I could do absolutely nothing," said Becky Seip of Cheatham County.

Seip was driving home to Ashland City Sunday when a truck pulled around her on Highway 12 N. She felt something was very wrong.

"He was very erratic, swerving off this way, swerving into oncoming traffic," she said.

Seip called 911.

"He's gonna cause a wreck!" yelled Seip in the 911 call obtained by News4. "Oh my God! Oh God, he's on the other side of the road again!"

"I thought for sure he was going to run off that cliff and right into these trees, but he pulled it back at the last second," Seip continued, motioning to a wooded area near a Dollar General.

For miles, Seip just followed that truck, giving dispatch the landmarks they passed.

"I was scared to death," she said.

"Oh my God!" Seip yelled in the 911 call. "Good God! Somebody needs to get here fast because he almost ran into a ditch."

"There was no way he was going to get out of not having an accident," Seip said. "We pass the Sheriff Dorris Weakley Bridge, and that's when I knew things were about to turn bad."

"Oh my God! He's just had an accident!" said Seip in the 911 call. "We need 911 out here now! He's just had an accident! He hit another car!"

Seip ran to a couple who was hit. She shared a picture of their airbags deployed. She said the couple seemed to be okay.

Seip then ran down to the truck she'd been following which had crashed down the road.

"The gentleman was sitting in the seat and his ankle is broken," she said. "Then I see the two small children in the backseat. I was dumbfounded. I said, 'were you wearing your seatbelts?' They said 'yes.' Everybody's lucky they're able to walk out of it basically. I didn't really stop anything. I wish I could've, but at least we got help here quicker."

Cheatham County Sheriff's officials said a report is not ready yet. They said until the report is ready, they can't say anything about the driver, why the truck was swerving and why the driver crashed. We're waiting on those details. 

Seip said she hopes this experience teaches people one thing. 

"If you see something, say something," she said.

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Forrest Sanders is an award-winning reporter, videographer and editor at News4.

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