NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) -- Jean Murray was putting her shopping cart away and thought she heard fireworks. When she turned around, she realized it was a shootout just feet away from her.

“He had started shooting up in the air at first and then he turned a gun like this (pointed straight forward)," Murray says.

Murray says there was one other girl in the parking lot of the Kroger in Inglewood with her around 1 p.m. on Friday when the shots were fired.

“She grabbed hold of me and she made sure we stayed on the ground the whole time," Murray tells me.

Terrified to move, Murray and the woman tried to make it back into the store, but couldn’t.

“Every time we would get up the shots would fire," Murray says.

The shots getting closer and closer.

“I could see his feet. That's when I realized and started praying severely to God, let me live, let me live," Murray tells me.

Murray says she and the woman eventually made it into the store and multiple police arrived on the scene, arresting one of the guys. Murray says the fear didn’t fully sink in until she saw the car that was right next to where she was hiding.

“Her car got shot all to pieces..all to pieces.”

Murray grateful for the woman that helped her hide behind her car.

“If she had not been there by me, I would probably not be alive.”

Murray was not injured in the shooting but is still shaken up. She tells me she would love to meet the girl that helped save her life.

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Lindsey Nance joined the News4 team in June 2018 as a reporter, videographer and editor focusing on Rutherford County news.

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