Ana Cahill says she's still shaken up after a man grabbed her by the arm and threatened to kill her if she screamed.

It happened Tuesday around noon while she was walking at Bicentennial Park near downtown Nashville. Cahill tells News4 a man approached her near the fountains and said hello. 

“He looked like he was on his lunch break. He had dress pants on, button down sweater, blue tooth headphones," said Cahill. “He told me his name, just making small talk with me, and then he asked if I had a boyfriend and I was like that’s kind of a weird question.”

She told him 'yes' and she thought he walked away. She believes she got about a mile down the path when she felt someone grab her.

“He grabbed me from behind my arm and came up behind my ear and whispered don’t scream or I’m gonna shoot you," said Cahill.

Cahill says he held onto her arm tightly as they continued walking a few more blocks, stopping at a nearby construction site. 

“He asked me how much cash on me and I said none and he pinned me up against the fence by both my arms and at that point I was like what do you want because I had my laptop bag with me and my phone, he hadn’t tried to take any of that from me. He said just you," said Cahill. 

She managed to break free, ran into Red Bicycle, and called 911. 

Cahill wants to warn others, especially women, to be aware of your surroundings. 

“I was just texting, looking at emails, didn’t ever think to check behind me but he could have been behind me for that entire time and I would have never known," said Cahill.

She is also surprised none of the dozens of people who were in the park at the time of the attack seemed to notice. 

No ones fault but just be cautious," said Cahill. “If you see something strange, even if you’re not going to say something to the person who seemed strange, just to say something to someone else to assess the situation."

Police are still trying to track down the man who attacked her. 

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Kim St. Onge joined the News4 team as a reporter in January 2017.

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