LEBANON, TN (WSMV) - Video from inside the courtroom where a man facing a simple possession charge, shows him lighting a marijuana cigarette in front of the judge.

MUG - Spencer Boston - 1/27/20

Spencer Boston was charged with disorderly conduct and simple possession by the Wilson County Sheriff's Office. (Photo: Wilson County Sheriff's Office)


The video shows the Wilson County General Sessions courtroom full of people. Spence Boston is called to go before the judge. While the judge is talking, Boston reaches inside his jacket and grabs a joint, then lights it up.

"When you go into a courtroom it demands respect and it was not given yesterday," said Wilson County Sheriff’s Lt. Scott Moore. "This is the first time in law enforcement I've seen something like this."

"He was in front of a very good judge who would've probably given him a second chance and let him walk out that day," said Jessica Davis who reacted to the video.

James Holt was in court when it happened.

“[He] lights right up, looking right there at the judge like it wasn’t nothing [sic]. That just goes to show you people supports the fact that it should be legal. They’re willing to pay his bond and pay his fines to help him out,” he said. 

The whole scene takes less than two minutes. Officials said Boston made it known while talking to the judge he wants marijuana legalized.

"I think he was trying to prove a point, but it went across the wrong way," said Dwayne, also watching the video with News4.

"So, when that happened, of course the courtroom erupted with laughter," said Moore.

The video didn't just have the courtroom rolling, plenty of others found it amusing.

"Maybe if it did it outside the police station it probably wouldn't have been as bad. Maybe it would've been worse," said Dwayne.

But everyone agreed it wasn't smart.

"Even though everybody in this town is laughing because it is funny and we are impressed he got that in the courthouse, but I think his parents are really disappointed," said Davis.

Boston was arrested immediately after lighting the marijuana cigarette. He has been jailed for 10 days for contempt of court. He is also facing an additional simple possession charge and a disorderly conduct charge.

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Man arrested for smoking marijuana cigarette in courtroom

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