FRANKLIN, TN (WSMV) - Parents said they are feeling a wide range of emotions after a camera was found in the women’s restroom at a gym in Franklin, according to an email to clients.

The discovery of the camera led to an unidentified longtime coach for Premier Athletics no longer working at the gym.

“Premier Athletics takes the safety and well-being of our athletes very seriously,” the gym said in the email.

Parents who spoke to News4 said they were horrified and outraged.

"I would rather me take care of him than him go to Fort Leavenworth, let's put it that way. This is total disrespect. This man took advantage of these young girls and everyone that comes up here," parent John Woelk said.

Franklin Police are investigating the incident after being notified by the gym last Thursday.

"This case is disturbing. As a dad, it's disgusting and so, the calls that we're getting in from concerned parents, we're feeling that uncertainty and that pain along with them," Lieutenant Charlie Warner with the Franklin Police Department said.  

Police said the GoPro camera that has been found was linked to an employee of the business and charges are forthcoming.

Investigators are going through the video, working to identify and notify victims.

"We certainly expect the list of people that we're identifying to grow, and as  those do, the appropriate charges will be filed in this case at some point," Warner said.

Police can’t say how long the camera has been there and they won’t say exactly where it was hidden in the bathroom.

“Premier Athletics does regular sweeps of the restrooms. In addition, Premier Athletics will work with the Williamson County K-9 unit to have random checks for suspicious electronics,” the gym said in an email. “Premier Athletics will support the Franklin police in any way that we can.”

Premier Athletics

Premier Athletics is located inside the TOA Sports Performance Center in the Cool Springs area of Franklin.


Police warned, even though they have a suspect, it could take time before there is an arrest.

"As a parent, I can totally relate to wanting the police to go fast. Obviously there's a heinous crime that's been committed. It's impacted people's lives and their privacy, and there's potentially embarrassing material that's out there. We worked hard to secure that so that it's not out there, and now we've got to go through the tedious process of identifying the girls who have been victimized so that they can be given the justice that they deserve," said Warner. 


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