FRANKLIN, TN (WSMV) - Fairview High School parents are staging a rally outside the Williamson County Administrative Complex on Wednesday after the school system closed the school to in-person learning and postponed extracurricular activities because of COVID-19 cases.

"Yesterday at 4 p.m. we were notified that all Fairview High students, healthy of not, will be suspended back to remote learning for the next two weeks and that all extracurricular practice and competitions will be canceled," Fairview parent Biff Curtis said in an email to News4. "When we started the school year, the benchmark for remote on in-person learning was set by the School Board and County Health Department at 0.5% infection rate in the county. Currently Williamson County is at a 0.164% infection rate, however we were arbitrarily selected to be shut down."

"For the first time, the health department has asked us to close a campus based on the spread of the virus in one of our schools," said Williamson County Schools spokesperson Carol Birdsong in a statement. "Getting us back on campus is going to take the entire school community doing what it can to stop the spread of the virus by following those health department restrictions.

"We are in daily communication with the health department, and we are hopeful that conditions improve in the Fairview community so we can get back to on-campus learning and activities as soon as possible."

Last Friday the school system notifed parents that all in-person classes were canceled through Sept. 15 due to absences related to COVID cases and contact tracing quarantines. All students were advised to return to remote learning. The school system said there was 67% attendance on Friday at Fairview High School.

On Tuesday afternoon, the school system notified Fairview High parents all in-person classes and extracurricular activities were canceled until Sept 28 due to a continuing increase in the number of self-reported positive COVID-19 cases connected to the school students and staff.

On Tuesday, Williamson County Schools posted throughout the system 10 staff members and 57 students were in isolation with a confirmed positive case of COVID-19. Another 28 staff members and 579 students are in quarantine due to exposure to a positive case. These numbers were not broken down by school on the system's website.

The rally at the administrative complex, which also houses the Williamson County Schools system's central office, began at 4:30 p.m.

Curtis said nearly all of the positive COVID cases at Fairview High are self-reported.

"The school system does not retest the students to confirm, but instead takes the parents and the test result at their word," Curtis said in an email to News4. "These failed county-level protocols are keeping our students from having access to an equal education as others in the state are currently being afforded."


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