Channel 4 News has reached out to former colleagues of Bill Hall for their comments about our long-time weatherman, who passed on Dec. 23, 2011.

Demetria Kalodimos, WSMV anchor, 1984-present

"Anyone who had the pleasure to know Bill or the honor of working with him knows there will never be another like him. Bill was an authentic and genuine human being who loved his work and especially treasured the people he met and served along the way."

Rudy Kalis, WSMV Sports Director

"My dear friend Bill Hall passed away tonight. For 30 years he cared for all of us with his gentle sense of humor and his concern for our well being when it came to stormy weather.

Dan's gone, now Bill. God has the makings of a great news team.

Bill's the only man in the world who could have gotten me to try chitlins. I wouldn't have done it if I didn't love him. I know I miss him and I'm sure many of you do as well."

Lonnie Lardner, WSM/WSMV anchor, 1978-83

"This news really got to me today. He's one of my favorite broadcasters and I still consider him a friend. He was a really gentle soul. I mean that. Bill was exactly the same on the air as off. He had a great quirky sense of humor.

They (viewers) loved him. He was sort of a hero to a lot of people. He represented complete comfort and ease on the air. As an outdoorsman in Nashville, he fit right in. I think people related to the fact that he liked spending his time on the boat. He was very natural."

U.S. Rep. Jim Cooper

"Bill was friends with everyone, from everyday folks to big shots.

He broadcast weather in a down-home way we all loved. Bill was always on our

side, come drought, rain or snow. Everyone in Middle Tennessee will miss


Channel 4's Snowbird

"People loved Bill Hall and they showed that affection at any event he was invited to attend. Over the years, I joined him at some of his public appearances. And while the kids wanted to hug me, everyone else couldn't wait to shake Bill's hand and tell him how much they enjoyed watching him on TV.
What you saw on-air is what you got when the cameras were off, too—a genuinely decent man. He as good a person as you could ever hope to work with, to be associated with, to know. Yes, people loved Bill Hall. And at least one penguin did, too…"

Carl P. Mayfield, longtime Nashville radio personality

"Bill was a good man and far more than a legendary TV weather personality to me. We returned from Vietnam around the same time and a year or so later found ourselves working together at WKDA AM/FM, Bill as a newsman, me as a lowly FM air personality on the then fledgling WKDA-FM.

While working with Bill and after he joined the Channel 4 staff, I enjoyed the pleasure of being paired with Bill in numerous charity bass tournaments for a number of causes and considered myself lucky to be in his boat because not only was Bill an avid angler, but he knew where the honey holes were. So, if we didn't win we always came close.

Bill has been missed by many TV viewers for years and since his retirement I have often thought about him and hoped he was enjoying his retirement and hitting those secret honey holes on area lakes as often as he wanted to. Now, I will not have to wonder if Bill is happy because I knew him as a true believer and I know if there are lakes in heaven he's probably asking Jesus to get the net because he has another one on the line.

My sincere condolences to his wonderful loving family."

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