Sports analysts say the big game this weekend will draw in billions of dollars from people sitting on their couches. Tennessee saw $5.2 million in tax revenue from sports betting since it started in November and people are gearing up for the big game.

“I think nationwide they are predicting it is going to be down a little bit,” says Tina Hodges of Action 24/7. “But for states like us this is our first time to have Superbowl gambling legal in Tennessee.”

“Watch what the Superbowl does,” says Allan Bell, CBS Sportsline analyst. He says sports betters across Tennessee wagered $300-million dollars since sports betting took off a few months ago – and he says Superbowl weekend will be no different.

“You’re going to see an influx of money being spent Sunday morning leading up to the game,” Bell says. He estimates $4.3 billion will be wagered in sportsbooks across the country on Sunday alone.

“So, it’s going to be a flurry of data that comes in which is going to be fantastic – I can’t wait to see it,” says Bell.

Compared to other football games, which have around 250 ways to bet, the big game will offer over 1200.

“So, the biggest thing is to just come in with a plan,” advises Bell. “Be prepared, don’t wait until 10 minutes before kickoff to get your wagers in because, one, the systems are going to be loaded and two, it’s going to overwhelm you.”

While there are only a few people working at Action 24/7 Friday morning, Hodges says the call center will be packed all day Sunday to place bets and answer questions.

“We’ll have all our live events going across the state and we’ll have all of our registrations going crazy,” comments Hodges. “All of our team across the state will be registering folks and helping them bet, so it will be really busy.”

If you aren’t into the game of football, Bell says you can still bet on the coin toss, what color Gatorade will be poured on the coach, even how many dog commercials play throughout the game.

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