What police say you shouldn't carry in your purse or wallet


What a person carries inside their purse or wallet could easily lead to their identity being stolen.

Most women carry purses and they keep a lot of stuff in them.

“My wallet, my cell, my keys,” Nashville shopper Julie Campos said was in her purse.

“I have cash, about four credit cards and a passport,” said Delaine Gardner from Paris, TN.

Metro Police Sgt. Michael Warren said someone’s identity could be easily compromised based on what’s in their purse.

Warren said people should carry as little as possible in purses and wallets.

When it comes to cards, Warren said, unless you know you're going somewhere specific, you should have one credit card in your purse, one debit card, your driver’s license and that's it.

"I get it, everybody's got one for Kohl's. They've got one for Sears. They've got one for Target. When the bad guys get a hold of this, they don't just have one card or two cards to compromise, they can start milking every one of these," said Warren.

Then there are gift cards.

"We got to leave them at home because it's just like losing cash," said Warren.

As for checkbooks, Warren said, that may be the biggest "no-no" of all.

"There are at least 10 points of identification on your check from your account number, your routing number for your bank, a lot of times your address, your full name, a lot of people will have their driver’s license number, their phone number and the series where your checks at. If a bad guy gets a hold of this, I can totally take over your account. I can fabricate checks in your name and I can just really cause you a huge headache," said Warren.

Police also suggested keeping your cell phone somewhere other than your purse because if your purse gets stolen, you'll need to call for help.

Investigators said you'd be surprised to learn just how many people carry their passports, birth certificates and social security cards for both themselves and their kids.

"This right here is the golden ticket in the hands of a thief," said Warren as he pointed to a social security card.

Warren said men should follow the same advice and not keep potentially compromising information in their wallets.

Warren said it may be inconvenient to leave things behind. He also argued it's worth it.

"In the past minute and a half, three people have had their identity compromised," said Warren.

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