MURFREESBORO, TN (WSMV) - At the Discovery Center, they’re asking what does it mean to be a Tennessean?

The answers are coming from every direction.

There were 32 artists from West, Middle and East Tennessee chosen to put their stamp on the sentence “We Are Tennessee.”

What they came up with helps define our state in the year 2018.

The Discovery Center’s activities are usually designed for kids, but not the corner exhibit on the second floor.

We are Tennessee is a collage of color and culture where snapshots and paintings force the viewer to look beyond their own mirror.

“That we’re all connected, all part of the same community,” said Jennifer Neal, Director of Grants and Membership Development.

It’s an all-American look at America and Tennessee today.

Hispanic immigration.

“That photo represents to her him carrying the family on his shoulders as he made a new life in Tennessee,” said Neal.

For the hearing impaired, smiling while signing.

Sports fans celebrating Finland’s Pekka Rinne, everyone finding something in common.

An exhibit like this makes sense, especially at a place called the Discover Center.

“So we’re discovering our community and neighbors to get to know,’ said Neal.

The Discovery Center in Murfreesboro has lots of exhibits that come and go.

We Are Tennessee is staying. The pictures and images will change over time, but the message remains.

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