MURFREESBORO, TN (WSMV) - Aileen Stevens is recovering at a Chattanooga hospital after her encounter with a carjacking suspect who shot and killed her husband.

The family of Aileen Stevens said she and her unborn baby are in stable condition and resting the day after she and her husband Jordan were taken hostage by Dangelo Dorsey while they were driving to church in Murfreesboro on Sunday morning.

Jordan and Aileen Stevens - September 2020

Jordan and Aileen Stevens (Photo submitted)


"She didn't show up to church. We knew something was wrong at that moment," said Eliezer Rostran, Aileen Stevens' brother.

Rostran said their family learned Aileen and Jordan were taken by the suspect when they didn't arrive for church on Sunday.

Aileen Stevens is recovering from the aftermath after Dorsey forced his way into the couple's car on I-24 near the Beechgrove/Bell Buckle exit.

"They prayed. They prayed for the subject. They prayed for themselves," said Rostran. "I know my sister is a very strong-willed person and I know she handled the situation and Jordan as well as best as she could."

Dorsey forced the Stevens to take him back to their home in Morrison where he took two guns and another car. At some point Dorsey apparently killed Jordan Stevens and left his body in an area near the Bonnaroo grounds.

"They went off into a deserted area and that's where it happened," said Rostran. "We know Jordan is in heaven. He was a believer. He was a Christian. They were on their way to church when this happened. He was on the way to the Lord's house."

Rostran said the family is mourning the loss of Jordan Stevens.

"There's a lot of things that need to be replaced, but the main thing that can't be replaced is Jordan," said Rostran.

The family calls it a miracle that Aileen Stevens was found alive. She just found out she and Jordan will be having a girl.

"The baby's fine. You know that's part of Jordan in her," said Rostran.

Jordan Stevens body was found after being shot and carjacked by a man they did not know. The TBI said Dorsey later took his own life after crashing the Stevens' vehicle with Aileen Stevens still inside.

"So far as a church, we've been heartbroken," said Jorge Arenivas, Hispanic pastor of Third Baptist Church in Murfreesboro. "I can't even imagine what Jordan's parents are going through."

Arenivas said he's asked Jordan Stevens' family about funeral plans - details will come later - and is looking to see how to help Aileen Stevens grieve.

"Even though our pain is different, that we are with her and it's just the beginning, and we will be walking with her the best we can," said Arenivas. "Aileen translated to him the best she can. He always sing in Spanish."

While the Stevens family waits to learn how to move forward, they ask for prayer.

"We know it was God's hand over her life in that moment," said Rostran.

A GoFundMe page was created by a family friend to help Aileen Stevens.


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