The calendar said winter, but this week feels a lot like spring, complete with "April showers.”

Allergists said this stretch of warm weather is already spelling misery for folks with spring allergies.

Take a look at the trees around the Midstate. You can't see it, but they're already starting to pollenate because of the warmer temps we've had in recent weeks.

Allergists said the spring allergy season is well underway.

Dr. Megan Stauffer with Allergy, Asthma & Sinus Center said usually, pollen allergies start rearing their ugly head at the end of February.

“There's no doubt this warm weather has brought some pollen out. We're seeing it in our patients who are already starting to be miserable,” said Stauffer.

Normally, Stauffer tells patients to start taking their medications around Valentine’s Day, but this year …

“We're seeing pollen earlier, and so I've already started talking to patients about get on some medicine,” Stauffer said. “It's better to be prepared by starting medicine a couple weeks before than trying to respond to the symptoms once they've already started.”

With an early start, she's expecting a rough go of it in the months ahead.

“Every year, we tend to get worse pollen,” Stauffer said. “The fact this winter has been on the warmer side more recently, I think we're going to have as bad a year, if not worse than last year.”

It certainly doesn't help living in what's known as the "allergy bowl."

“On the Cumberland Plateau, with all the pollen that sort of blows off into Nashville, it sits in this valley,” Stauffer explains. “We get a good concentration of pollen that hangs out and nowhere to go.”

While there's not a one size fits all approach for treating allergies, some folks are going the route of allergy shots for lasting results.

“We're seeing people finally saying ‘this is it’ I'm going to do something that addresses the underlying cause, instead of covering up the symptoms with medication,” Stauffer said.

Rainy days will cause the pollen count to go down a little. However, the rain brings out the mold count, another brutal allergy folks deal with in the Midstate.

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Edward Burch joined News4 at a reporter in December 2016. Edward currently covers growth stories in Nashville and Middle Tennessee.

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