NASHVILLE, TENN. (WSMV) - As of Friday morning, one third of all school districts in Tennessee have started back up with virtual and in-class learning. 

Governor Bill Lee doubled down on his dedication to in-school learning on Thursday, stating that Tennessee already struggles in core class information retention. 

Gov. Lee said extended time away from the classroom will only make that worse.

Still, many students in the midstate are expected to start the year either partially or entirely virtual. 

"About half of districts are opening fully in person with a remote option, 10 districts will be opening fully remote and the remaining will have some version of hybrid," said TDOE Commissioner Dr. Penny Schwinn. "The good news is all districts have some version of remote learning who need it." 

About one in five students are taking advantage of virtual learning options in school systems that give parents the option. 

Dr. Schwinn said 20 percent of students who are given the option will start the year from home. 

Here in the midstate Wilson County Schools says 3,500 students will start the school year learning virtually, which comprises about 18 percent of the district. 

6,500 students will learn virtually in Williamson County, which is 17 percent of that district. 

And Rutherford County says 40 percent of their students will go virtual as well, with the registration period still open for parents who wish to choose that option. 

To make it easier for parents, students and teachers, the state has created a central hub to help navigate the new school year called the "Best for All Portal." 

The portal is a hub for digital teaching and learning that includes resources and lessons for students and teachers alike. 

It also has an academic standards feature, which lets parents and students see the benchmarks they should be hitting. The portal will also feature weekly videos similar to the PBS lessons that have run all summer. 

Tennessee will add more tools to the portal as are needed throughout the school year. 

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