Vanleer asst. fire chief dies from injuries in motorcycle wreck


The assistant fire chief of Vanleer, TN, has died from his injuries after a serious motorcycle wreck last week.

Alan Faircloth, 28, was riding along Sylvia Road in Dickson County about 9 p.m. May 8 when his motorcycle struck a deer. Faircloth, who suffered a head injury, was transported to Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

His wife, Alyssa Faircloth, was also hurt in the crash but later released from the hospital. Both riders were wearing helmets.

Alan Faircloth was more than a firefighter. He was a friend who always thought about others and spent most of his young life serving his community.

Before he became assistant chief in Vanleer, he was a firefighter with the Dickson Fire Department.

"He's a great guy - life of the party, always joking at the fire hall. He's a wonderful friend," said Vanleer Fire Chief Scott Ingham.

"I never expected this from him, because we have always been on the side of helping people, and when this come about it was just hard to accept that it was him," said Dickson firefighter Chris Waychoff.

Alan Faircloth had recently bought that 2007 Harley Davidson. It was something he had dreamed of owning for some time, and his friends said he loved adventure.

"He went to the river a lot with us and go ski and stuff. And he loved to play with the kids at the river. And we'd go to races together. Alan used to race when he was younger," Waychoff said.

Waychoff and Ingham have worked and lived with Alan Fairchild since he was just 15, and Ingham said he even remembers Alan's first fire.

"He comes out and he was so excited, and he wanted to go back, but he had already been through his limit and we had to set him out for awhile. He was so mad," Ingham said.

In addition to his work in Vanleer, Alan Fairchild had recently gone back to school to become a nurse like his wife.

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