NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) - While vaccination rates around the country fall to new lows, research data shows Tennessee is now one of six states with less than half of its adults vaccinated.

Tennessee was struck with a steep decline in vaccinations that started back in mid-April, public health leaders said.

"I've chosen at this point to not inject myself with the vaccine," Nashville resident Warren Steury said. "Groups of people like myself are probably just waiting to see how everything turns out for [people who are vaccinated] before making decisions for us."

Metro Public Health reports that nearly 48 percent of Nashville's population has gotten the first dose of June 7. That number is much higher than in other parts of the state.

"In any area where you have that small of a number of people vaccinated, you really run the risk, and the danger of seeing this resurgence," Brian Todd with Metro Public Health said. "And we know what that looked like back in the winter, and I don't think anybody wants that again."

Public health leaders have begun setting up vaccination sights at special events, encouraging people to get vaccinated - no appointment necessary. Despite the slowdown, Metro Public Health officials said it's still vaccinating a few hundred people a day.

"I'm not surprised that it's slowing down, but each person has their own choice. But I'm very glad with the choice I made," Nashville resident Lynn Davis, who been fully vaccinated, said. "I thought, you know what, my chances are much better being vaccinated than not, so I made that choice."

Southern states continue to vaccinate at lower rates than other parts of the country. The slowdown doesn't come as a surprise to those who've gotten the shot and those who haven't.

"I think that with anything, there's always a big excitement or hype in the beginning," Steury said.

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