A Murfreesboro mother says she's not giving up hope that her son will be found.

It's been two years since anyone has seen or heard from Devin Bond.

"In some ways it feels like it was just yesterday and sometimes it feels longer," Heather Simmers, Devin's mom, recalls, "but it is hard to believe that two years later we're still searching for him, for Devin."

It was March 30, 2017. Heather said goodnight to her son and went to bed.

When she woke up, the freshman Riverdale High School student was nowhere to be found.

Devin was possibly spotted walking along Barfield Crescent Road near Veterans Parkway. Since then, Heather said they've gotten some tips but nothing has ever led to anything.

"Not knowing is the worst part... I just want to know what happened, I feel like there's a place to go from there. If you have some answers, you know, what happened the night he disappeared, where did he go, what happened? Just having any kind of answer would be everything."

Devin was 16-years-old when he left home. Like most teenagers, Heather said Devin liked playing video games and hanging out with his friends.

"He was really quiet, when you actually made him laugh you knew it was funny. Like, he didn't laugh all the time, so when he laughed you were like this must be funny," Heather laughs.

Devin would now be 18-years-old, technically an adult, but Heather said that won't keep her from doing everything she can to find him.

"My message to Devin would be that we love him and miss him and we're going to keep looking until we find him. We're not giving up. There's no amount of time that would make me want to give up."

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Tracy Kornet is an award-winning anchor, host and writer. She joined News4 in September 2014.

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