Twin WWII veterans celebrate 92nd birthday together in Smithville


They threw a lunchtime birthday bash in Smithville today for two World War II veterans, and twin brothers, who celebrated their 92nd year.

"Yeah, 92," said Edward Fraiser. "92 birthdays."

Edward Frazier is rightfully proud to tell how old he is considering he was never sure he'd make it this far.

"You couldn't kill me -- been here a long time!" he joked.

Edsel and Edward Frazier spent their whole lives in Smithville except for a couple years in the 1940s when Uncle Sam sent them to Europe for D-Day and the Battle of the Bulge -- that's them during World War II fighting in part of D-Day and combat missions designed by General Patton.

"Well, I was just a little 18-year-old boy, ya know," Edward said. "They drafted me, and I didn't think I'd [be] in no war, but I got in the middle of it."

Edward and his twin brother, Edsel, the other of the Frazier Boys, is a lifelong important piece of this DeKalb County town.

Edward was once the mayor, and Edsel worked for years growing and selling plants in the nursery business. They both decided to retire a few years ago when they were 90.

"We went through the war together and stayed together all these years," Edsel said.

The Frazier Boys have made their mark in Smithville -- the small town has never forgotten them, or their service.

At Patty's Restaurant, pot roast and a whole lot of hugs marked the day.

"I'm not used to being around all these pretty girls, it's wonderful," Edsel said

No need to wish, for the brothers, it's already come true.

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