Thistle Farms helps empower women survivors


Since 1997 Thistle Farms in Nashville has worked to heal and empower women survivors, helping them find ways to overcome poverty, abuse and addiction.

Yolonda Garrett, who proudly calls herself a barista, is one of the women who has been helped.

When Garrett found Thistle Farms six years ago, she could define her life in stark, single words.

“Hell. Dark. Lonely,” said Garrett. “There wasn’t a way out for me. I didn’t think there was a way out.”

Thistle Farms changed that for her.

It is a non-profit supported by soap and candle sales at its store since 1997. Now there’s a cafe by its side serving fancy food.

Profits go to programs that change lives, like Garrett’s.

“Sometimes I serve food, sometimes I make drinks, sometimes I’m the cashier,” said Garrett.

Most of those on the payroll at Thistle Farms went through the program.

Lives shattered by violence and poverty. Today they proudly call themselves survivors and work now under coffee cups from around the world, sending support and donations for what gets done here.

Nashville women knew this was the only place to be on International Women’s Day.

“It’s all about women. Thistle Farms is close to our hearts,” said one patron.

Thistle Farms is located at 5122 Charlotte Pike in west Nashville.

There are 28 women in the program now who live in five houses for free, all part of Thistle’s mission.

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