Craig Northcott

Craig Northcott

MANCHESTER, TN (WSMV) - In a series of Facebook comments posted on Easter weekend, Coffee County District Attorney Craig Northcott made multiple anti-Islam remarks.

The original post, first surfaced by TNHoller, was from Daniel Berry, a candidate for Tullahoma Alderman. Berry asked, "Is it ever acceptable to stereotype an entire group who all have mixed beliefs versus letting each individual be judged based on their own actions?"

The question quickly resulted in over 100 comments, including many from DA Northcott.

"Their belief system is evil, violent, and against God's Truth," Northcott said of Muslims in his first comment.

"They are not evil because of their gender, skin color or country of origin. Instead, they are evil because they profess a commitment to an evil belief system," Northcott wrote. 

Craig Northcott Facebook comments

In the same comment thread, Northcott later wrote that "There are no Constitutional rights. There are God given rights protected by the Constitution."

Northcott also recommended Berry visit TIL Project Ministries for more information on "what [Islam] really means." The Southern Poverty Law Center says TIL Project Ministries is "based around anti-Islam, anti-LGBT, anti-abortion, anti-media and other far-right ideologies."

Hana Ali, a Muslim and former candidate for District 45 of the state House of Representatives, said the comments were "deeply hurtful & plainly unAmerican [sic]."

News4 has reached out to Northcott for comment but has not heard back.

Stay with News4 for updates.

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