The voice of the Titans talks about playoff run

Mike Keith, the voice of the Titans says it’s now a whole new season.

It was historically cold at Nissan Stadium, but that did not stop thousands of fans from coming out to see the Titans beat the Jacksonville Jaguars.

That win locked up a trip to the post-season for the first time in nearly a decade.

The Titans are going to take on the AFC West champions - the Kansas City Chiefs this Saturday in KC.

It has been an up and down season for the Titans, with some controversy along the way.

Mike Keith, the voice of the Titans says it’s now a whole new season.

“It’s a new year and it's a clean slate,” said Keith. “We had to fight through it all and to get through the game yesterday, to beat Jacksonville for a second time to finish 5-1 in the division and 6-2 at home, and to have that kind of excitement being there. We have people waking up January 1 saying we're in the tournament!”

The Tennessee Titans ended a nine-season playoff drought Sunday, snapping a three-game skid in a game they needed to win.

The Titans also posted their first back-to-back winning seasons since 2007 and 2008.

Keith believes this team has the keys to a strong playoff appearance, with solid defense and a play maker at quarterback.

“Between (Marcus) Mariota and the defense, I think the Titans have a chance to make a run,” Keith said. “Marcus Mariota said after the game, we can play better.”

It seems like an eternity since a cloud of controversy hung over the Titans. Late September, the team stayed in the locker room protesting during the National Anthem.

Fans came out saying they were giving up their season tickets. 15 weeks later, the Titans are in the playoffs.

“We’ve moved forward and hopefully everybody else has too,” said Keith. “(Fans) made sure the seats would be filled and that people would be excited, and they helped get this team home.”

Mayor Megan Barry tweeted her support for the Titans.

And Gnash, the Predators mascot offered these words of encouragement. Tweeting “Hey @Titans now that you are in the playoffs anything can happen. Trust me."

“There are 12 teams, and anything can happen and this is where you want to be,” said Keith. “You just have to somehow get in the tournament and the Titans are in the NFL playoffs.”



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