NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) - The Tennessee Secretary of State’s office has been warned the state voting process could be impacted by the ongoing postal service concerns.

In Davidson County, around 100,000 people could be voting by mail for the upcoming election. That’s nearly four times the amount from earlier this month.

“Our message is take action now,” said Jeff Roberts, Davidson County Administrator of Elections.

If you qualified to vote absentee in Tennessee before the pandemic, you’re still allowed to with some additions.

The Tennessee Supreme Court just added a clause saying people at high-risk and their caretakers also qualify.

“If you want to vote by absentee, make your request. We will send you the ballots as soon as we have them,” said Roberts.

Nonprofits like the Equity Alliance are echoing a similar message. They help with increasing voter turnout.

“Whether you vote early or you vote by mail, we want people to have a plan in place so you can be confident your vote got counted,” said Tori Griffin with The Equity Alliance.

Keep in mind you can’t deliver your ballot to the election commission. Ballot drop boxes don’t exist. It has to go through the mail.

Roberts said there is an option for procrastinators. Those voters can drop their ballot off at the Broadway post office.

“That way you hand it to the official, they put it directly in our box. You cut out a lot of travel time that way,” said Roberts.

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