ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. - According to NBC affiliate station KOB in Albuquerque, NM, a passenger on a Delta Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Nashville reportedly tried to breach the cockpit of the plane while in flight.

The incident forced the plane to divert midflight to Albuquerque where Sunport spokeswoman Stephanie Kitts said the flight landed shortly after 2 p.m. on Friday.

Kitts said the suspect who supposedly tried to breach the cockpit was taken into police custody after landing.

News4 spoke with Jessica Robertson who was on board the flight. She said about an hour into the flight, something didn't sound right.

Robertson said she saw a man banging on the cockpit door. He then moved to the exit door and she said it looked like he was trying to unlock it.

That's when a flight attendant and some brave passengers jumped in and brought the man to the ground.

"Incredibly grateful for the flight attendants and passengers who acted unbelievably quickly. It was without hesitation. It was without real fear," Robertson said. 

Robertson said the ordeal was intense.

"It happened very, very quickly. It was also very surreal. The more terrifying thing was he kept screaming stop the plane. I'm going to stop the plane. Stop the plane," Robertson said. 

Another witness on the flight, Grace Chalmers, told News4, "In that moment, you do, you freeze because it's so scary, it's so overwhelming and you really just can't believe it's happening to you. And I think that was the biggest thing. And for those gentlemen to jump up and be like, oh, not today, sir. I mean, it was very, it was very heroic, honestly."

The passenger arrested has not been identified, according to Kitt. She added that the cockpit was not breached and no one was injured during the event.

The FBI is investigating the incident. 

Producer for News4. A California transplant, Marshall uses west coast sunshine to shed light on Nashville's breaking news.

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