Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee

NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) - Gov. Bill Lee and Department of Economic and Community Development Commissioner Bob Rolfe recently approved over $27.6 million in Community Development Block Grants, which will assist communities with infrastructure improvements, housing rehabilitations and health and safety initiatives.

“These funds play an important role in helping communities across Tennessee prepare for future economic development opportunities and continued growth,” Lee said in a news release. “I applaud each community for investing in themselves and taking the necessary steps to improve their assets, infrastructure and safety initiatives.”

“Community Development Block Grants are an enormous asset to communities across the state and Tennessee as a whole,” Rolfe said in a news release. “The 66 communities receiving CDBG funding will be better prepared for economic growth, which will in turn help Tennessee continue to succeed. I look forward to the future success each community will see in the years to come.”

The allocation of CDBG funds is based on priorities set through the public meeting process at the local community level. The CDBG program is funded through HUD and administered in Tennessee by the Department of Economic and Community Development. Funds are available for water and sewer improvements and new extensions, housing rehabilitation and health and safety projects.

Below is a list of the 66 Community Development Block Grants:

  • Alamo: Sewer System Improvements, $464,335
  • Anderson County: Water Line Extension, $523,207
  • Ardmore: Sewer System Improvements, $318,980
  • Athens: Sewer System Improvements, $630,000
  • Atwood: Sewer System Improvements, $248,110
  • Baileyton: Fire Protection Improvements, $170,000
  • Baxter: Sewer System Improvements, $628,896
  • Bedford County: Water System Improvements, $398,400
  • Bells: Sewer System Improvements, $541,268
  • Benton: Water System Improvements, $630,000
  • Big Sandy: Sewer System Improvements, $279,930
  • Blaine: Sewer Line Extension, $335,496
  • Bledsoe County: Fire Protection Improvements, $420,000
  • Camden: Fire Protection Improvements, $420,000
  • Clifton: Water System Improvements, $208,980
  • Collinwood: Water System Improvements, $261,000
  • Crockett County: Ambulance Service Improvements, $277,980
  • Crossville: Sewer System Improvements, $525,060
  • Decaturville: Weather Alert Siren System, $101,545
  • DeKalb County: Fire Protection Improvements, $279,518
  • Fayette County: Ambulance Service Improvements, $321,570
  • Gainesboro: Sewer System Improvements, $630,000
  • Greeneville: Emergency Services Improvements, $349,013
  • Greenfield: Sewer System Improvements, $362,017
  • Gruetli-Laager: Housing Rehabilitation, $414,880
  • Hamblen County: Fire Protection Improvements, $382,905
  • Hancock County: Fire Protection Improvements, $420,000
  • Haywood County: Ambulance Authority Facility Improvements, $420,000
  • Henry County: Fire Protection Improvements, $420,000
  • Hollow Rock: Fire Protection Improvements, $102,388
  • Humphreys County: Sewer System Improvements, $175,743
  • Huntingdon: Sewer System Improvements, $526,435
  • Jackson County: Emergency Services Improvements, $381,060
  • Kenton: Sewer System Improvements, $310,881
  • LaFollette: Sewer System Improvements, $630,000
  • Livingston: Water System Improvements, $630,000
  • Loretto: Water System Improvements, $426,677
  • Maury City: Fire Protection Improvements, $289,968
  • Maynardville: Water Line Extension, $630,000
  • McEwen: Sewer System Improvements, $490,001
  • McMinn County: Water Line Extension, $630,000
  • McMinnville: Sewer System Improvements, $630,000
  • McNairy County: Fire Protection Improvements, $308,520
  • New Tazewell: Fire Protection Improvements, $419,980
  • Niota: Sewer System Improvements, $630,000
  • Obion: Sewer System Improvements, $334,475
  • Oneida: Water System Improvements, $630,000
  • Parrottsville: Fire Protection Improvements, $177,320
  • Parsons: Water System Improvements, $442,002
  • Rhea County: Water System Improvements, $630,000
  • Ripley: Fire Protection Improvements, $317,860
  • Rutledge: Sewer System Improvements, $468,006
  • Samburg: Housing Rehabilitation, $525,000
  • Shelbyville: Sewer System Improvements, $500,000
  • Somerville: New Fire Station Construction, $420,000
  • South Fulton: Sewer System Improvements, $608,400
  • Sunbright: Fire Service Improvements, $291,280
  • Trenton: Fire Protection Improvements, $397,385
  • Troy: Fire Protection Improvements, $331,470
  • Union County: Fire Protection Improvements, $253,143
  • Vonore: Sewer System Improvements, $341,100
  • Wartrace: Water Line Extension, $625,000
  • Wayne County: County Health Clinic Improvements, $420,000
  • Weakley County: Countywide Communications Improvements, $273,828
  • White Pine: Water Line Extension, $416,337
  • Whiteville: Sewer System Improvements, $630,000

Each application was supported by the community’s senator and representatives in the Tennessee General Assembly.



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