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NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) - Many doctors and other healthcare workers across Tennessee are responding to Governor Lee's executive order that allows parents to opt their children out of school mask mandates.

One doctor explained to News4 how she struggled to find an ICU bed for a young COVID patient last weekend.

Dr. Katrina Green told explained to News4 how it was disheartening to hear the governor's announcement on Monday. Particularly due to the order coming right on the heels of local school districts instituting mask mandates for children.

"I personally feel outraged," Dr. Green said. "I feel like he is making our jobs harder. It's a pandemic and we’re all in this together. You’re either or the side for safety for our children or you’re not. And clearly, he has taken a huge misstep here."

Dr. Green serves as an emergency physician in Nashville and says pediatric hospitals no longer have the space to treat sick youth. She is skeptical about how local medical centers will accommodate kids as cases continue to rise.

Dr. Green said Governor Lee is failing to understand that COVID is not just an adult problem; it affects the kids of Tennessee as well.

"It's outrageous the governor would say it's just an adult problem," Dr. Green said. There were two children in Memphis who died from this virus this month. And a child in Mississippi last week died. Children get ill and children get on the ventilator and children die of this virus. It's not just an adult problem. I cannot say that strongly enough."

Dr. Green said she plans on speaking at the next Metro Council Meeting to support the need for masks.

"I’m going to show my support for metro Nashville public schools as they push back against the governor's over-reach as he tried to override their mask requirement."

Alongside Dr. Green, more than 450 Tennessee healthcare workers have signed a petition letter in response to the governor's recent executive order.

Producer for News4. A California transplant, Marshall uses west coast sunshine to shed light on Nashville's breaking news.

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