Lake Hillis, 15, has been lying in a coma at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital since September 8.

The Warren County teenager was competing in a four wheeler race at the White County Fair. Hillis' brother Luke Hillis watched the crash unfold as he sat in the stands.

"Him and another guy got to hitting wheels, and Lake's back wheels came over the guys front wheels. It sent lake forward. He just dove forward, took off flipping. He flipped three times," said Luke Hillis.

Luke Hillis said his brother has taken hard falls before, but this one was different.

"When I seen him not get back up, that's when I knew something was wrong," said Luke Hillis.

White County Fair President Mike Wilson says precautions are always taken to prevent accidents, but nothing like this has happened before.

"We do see some injuries from time to time, nothing as life threatening as this. But we will continue the event next year," said Wilson.

In the meantime, Luke Hillis is spending a lot of time on the hospital computer updating his brother's friends in Warren County. The Warren County High School sophomore's Facebook page is filled with well wishes from hundreds of his friends.

For Lake Hillis' family, their focus is on his recovery.

"Somebody's by his bedside pretty much 24 hours," said Luke Hillis.

Tennessee does not regulate ATV usage, they just require that anyone under the age of 18 years old wear a helmet.

Lake Hillis was wearing a helmet during the ATV competition.

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